DesignDoll 4.0

Manipulates three-dimensional human body models
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Generate poses for 3D human models, usable in games and animations. Create postures and compositions taking into account a wide variety of details from the head-to-body ratio to the position of each finger. The app also includes a library of importable poses.

Design Doll is a software program that can freely manipulate human body models in 3D space. With Design Doll, you can create a human model pose collection and export 3D models to our pose-sharing website “Doll-Atelier.” Design Doll can create postures and compositions that artists demand, with easy, intuitive operations. Design Doll uses a blending method, where forms and sizes of various parts can be changed freely, allowing models to be reproduced with head to body ratios that intuitively suit the drawing. In pursuit of pose creation speed, Design Doll is designed to manage postures with minimal controllers. Minute adjustments can even be made by directly dragging points on the 3D models.

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